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Concealed by Shadows

Disc Art

As of Yet have done it again --- this time a full-length, completely digital recording called Concealed by Shadows, released on Compact Disc in February 1998.

This disc showcases 10 songs' worth of all-new material, as well as new versions of two AoY classics. Recorded by the band at Muppet Labs and mixed at Toys in the Attic Studio, the sound is impeccable, spotlighting the mostly-live recording takes and "innovative, improvised recording methods." The album ebbs and flows, a living and breathing work of art with as many layers of complexity as you care to find.

Fourteen songs make up this summer-opus:


1.  Will You Say
2.  Put Me Right 5.  Green
3.  Kung Fu Jones     7.  Paper Song   11.  High Tide, Lower Tide
4.  Broken Down 8.  Walk Away     12.  105 More of Me
  10.  Drift Away   13.  Never
    14.  Rising Sun

(no, we're not counting badly...)

these songs traverse the soundscape from the punkish, the groovy, the jammy rocker types, and dance-able numbers to help you get the funk down, at times surreal lyricism, to jazz, to seething, boiling anger, to smouldering blues, to the all-out rock'n'roll battle royale!!