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Leave Bronx cover
the second album by As of Yet

In the late spring of 1996 we decided to record again, with the intent of selling the fruit of the sessions. Finally, in July, after a grueling month's work in Exile on Journal Studios' studio A (Neal's bedroom), eight songs, totalling 42 minutes, made the cut to go onto our first real album. Another grueling month spawned the title, Leave Bronx, named for a particularly wretched episode of MST3K which caught our collective fancy.

We didn't have the money to press CDs, so Leave Bronx descended upon America in cassette tape format.

The real reason to get Leave Bronx -- the songs:

Audio clips are copyright 1996 by As of Yet

Notes on Audio Clips

The long-broken audio clip links have been replaced with links to mp3s. In some cases, they are the full songs. Merry Christmas! -- 2005-12-25

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